Cleaning Services

The joy of a fireplace in your home is one of life’s simplest, most enjoyable treasures. Cozying up to a fireplace brings family and friends together, and the gentle warmth and glow it brings illuminates even the gloomiest of days. There is a comfort that a glowing fireplace brings that few other things in life can match, and it’s a comfort that is best enjoyed with loved ones. A well-maintained fireplace can bring not only years, but generations, of service and fond memories.

We Follow A Strict Repair Process

Fireplace Assessment

When we first come into your home your Fireplace Repair process begins with a discovery phase. During this discovery phase we will be able to determine the identified problems and estimated costs.


Once assessment and findings are finished we then provide you with an estimated cost, time frame and any additional things which will be needed to repair your Fireplace if necessary.


Once the bid has been approved we will begin work to clean and service your fireplace. Most cleaning and servicing is done within that same day unless specific parts are needed in order to complete the job.

Quality Insurance

After work is finished, we go through a specific 5 step check process to ensure your fireplace will be cleaned properly and in working condition. We then make sure you are able to operate your fireplace good as new.

Call Ignite Fireplace today to receive a free estimate. We look forward to serving you and bringing that fireplace warmth back into your home.