What Are The Top Fireplace Brands Today?

When it comes to buying a fireplace, it can be challenging to know where to begin.  Gas, electric, or wood-burning?  A stone or brick façade? Even when we’re able to sort all that out, we are left with what is the most pressing question of all:  Which brand is best?  With the various makes and models, it can be difficult to understand where to turn to, in order to find a reliable fireplace for our homes and our families.

We are going to take a look at some of the best fireplace brands that offer exceptional value, quality, and performance.  We’ve compiled a list of the best in the industry, aiding you in making the best choice for your home and your family.

Heatilator (heatilator.com)

Heatilator is considered the best in the industry for a reason.  As the #1 choice for builders across the nation, Heatilator offers beautiful gas & electric fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts. They have offered beautiful, efficient, and long lasting quality fireplace models since 1927.

Quadra-Fire (quadrafire.com)
Quadra-Fire has produced high-performance fireplaces, stoves, and inserts for gas, wood, and pellet fuel. With 25 years of proven performance as one of the best in the industry, Quadra-Fire’s fireplaces are designed with performance and ease-of-use in mind.


Ambience (ambiencefireplaces.com)

Ambiance offers fireplaces that set the benchmark for good-looking and high-functioning gas fireplaces and inserts.  These products are the direct result of the collaboration of over 100 veteran fireplace store owners and installers, offering something unique, with some of the best features in the industry.


Innovative Hearth Products (ihp.us.com)

Innovative Hearth Products offers legacy brand fireplaces and stoves with an emphasis on exceptional value and superior features.  They are renowned for one of the widest selections of wood, gas, and pellet burning fireplaces, with styles that meet even the most discriminate of tastes.

Jotul (jotul.com)

Jotul has been making beautiful fireplaces since 1853.  They are renowned for the beauty and efficiency of their products. The craftsmanship you will find with a Jotul fireplace is second to none.


Supreme Fireplaces (supremem.com)

Supreme Fireplaces has been manufacturing breathtaking wood-burning fireplaces with unique designs since 1981. Supreme Fireplaces feature stainless steel interiors to ensure quick startup, while being low maintenance.  Beautiful fires without the hassle.

Majestic Products (majesticproducts.com)

Majestic offers a wide array of innovative fireplace & stove designs. Offering a full range of fireplaces, Majestic hearth systems focus on a look that is defining, and a quality that is built to last.

Town & Country (townand countryfireplaces.com)

If you are looking for a clean, sleek fireplace design, look no further than Town & Country Luxury Fireplaces.  Town & Country offers unique, high quality luxury gas & wood fireplaces that are a sophisticated statement for your home.

Ignite Fireplace offers top-of-the-line repair and cleaning services for whichever fireplace arrangement you choose.  We offer fireplace repair in Salt Lake City, Utah that focuses on value, service, and professionalism.  Our certified technicians can service any gas, wood, or electric fireplace in the Salt Lake Valley.  Give us a call today to see what makes us different.  We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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