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Winter is here, ensuring your fireplace is ready and repaired is critical. Contact us today by calling (801) 884 – 3331 to get your fireplace cleaned, fixed or repaired, or fill out the service request form below.

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Need a fireplace cleaning service? Our top service providers have had years of service taking care of fireplaces.  If you need a cleaning give us a call.  Rich will answer and set you up with an appointment quickly and efficiently.  Allow us to earn your service, we know we can become your local fireplace cleaner for years to come!

The joy of a fireplace in your home is one of life’s simplest, most enjoyable treasures. Cozying up to a fireplace brings family and friends together, and the gentle warmth and glow it brings illuminates even the gloomiest of days. There is a comfort that a glowing fireplace brings that few other things in life can match, and it’s a comfort that is best enjoyed with loved ones. A well-maintained fireplace can bring not only years, but generations, of service and fond memories.

A fireplace is, and has been, an integral part of a home for generations. The origins of fireplaces date to the Middle Ages, and the fireplace was further perfected by Benjamin Franklin in 1742, with his revolutionary “Pennsylvanian Fireplace”. Throughout the centuries, fireplaces have been a durable, time-tested source of warmth and togetherness. It’s a way to bring man’s curiosity with and need for fire to the forefront in the comforts of your own home.

Occasionally your fireplace may fall into disrepair. It may be easy to think that your fireplace doesn’t require much maintenance; however, regular cleaning is an essential cog to maintaining your fireplace, allowing you to enjoy the many years of service that you expect. However, if there is something awry then you will want to call us for our fireplace service and repair.

The cleaning of a gas fireplace is broken down to a few critical steps, each of which is extremely important, but these steps may vary if you own an electric fireplace, for example. Here’s what the proper cleaning of a fireplace entails:

  • 6Clean glass and inside of fireplace
  • 6Replace ambers
  • 6Resurface inside of fireplace with new paint
  • 6Test and ensure proper operation
  • 6Remove any build-up from fireplace

This is certainly a lot of work, so you more than likely aren’t properly equipped to be doing this annually. Let the professionals help you get this task done quickly and affordably. Ignite Fireplace is a company that focuses on delivering top-notch service in a timely, efficient fashion.

Ignite Fireplace is locally-owned, Utah-based company that is focused on delivering an experience that is second-to-none. We are Utah’s premier fireplace cleaning company, and we have a friendly, courteous staff that is solely focused on delivering a world-class experience for our clients.

Being locally based, we have a nuanced understanding of this market and its particular needs, and we will do the job right the first time. As we care about our clients, we will also provide you tips and advice to keep your fireplace humming.

Give Ignite Fireplace a call today and see why we are the best in the business. We proudly serve Salt Lake, Summit, and Utah Counties. No job is too big or too small, and we will make you feel like family. Give us a call today to request a free estimate or schedule an appointment that fits within your schedule. See the difference Ignite Fireplace makes!

Why Fireplace Cleaning and Maintenance?

utah-fireplace-cleaning-and-service-guaranteedChoosing the right Utah Fireplace Repair company can be frustrating. We have 12 years and thousands of service calls under our belts.  We’re here to offer expert service to give you peace of mind when it comes to all your fireplace needs and we guarantee all work performed.

Call to get your fireplace tuned up and looking brand new again we will clean your glass inside and out, replace all embers, paint the inside of the fireplace, and make any adjustments needed to make the flame look better than ever.

The brands of fireplaces we most commonly service and repair:


Fireplace Cleaning Process

  • Fireplace Assessment

    When we first come into your home your Fireplace Repair process begins with a discovery phase. During this discovery phase we will be able to determine the identified problems and estimated costs.

  • Estimate

    Once assessment and findings are finished we then provide you with an estimated cost, time frame and any additional things which will be needed to repair your Fireplace if necessary.

  • Cleaning & Serviced

    Once the bid has been approved we will begin work to clean and service your fireplace. Most cleaning and servicing is done within that same day unless specific parts are needed in order to complete the job.

  • Completed Cleaning & Service Update

    After work is finished, we go through a specific 5 step check process to ensure your fireplace will be cleaned properly and in working condition. We then make sure you are able to operate your fireplace good as new.

COST: $125.00 + parts for the first fireplace. Additional fireplace in the location/home for the discounted price of $65.00 +parts

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