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What Are The Top Fireplace Brands Today?

When it comes to buying a fireplace, it can be challenging to know where to begin.  Gas, electric, or wood-burning?  A stone or brick façade? Even when we’re able to sort all that out, we are left with what is the most pressing question of all:  Which brand is best?  With the various makes and […]

Why You Want A Fireplace

A fireplace can bring a feeling of serenity and peace to a home.  It also is something that can be the centerpiece of cherished memories.  Fireplaces provide a warmth that goes beyond the literal warmth of the flames.  They are also a desired when purchasing a home, and have a very positive impact on property […]

A Dirty Chimney Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Everybody knows what a chimney is, but few people understand its components or how it works.  Furthermore, few people understand how important those components are in making sure your fireplace is properly vented.  One of the most critical components of a chimney is a flue.  A flue vents the smoke and components of a fire […]